Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | August 3, 2007

Obama and Illegal Immigrants.

While Oklahoma recently passed it’s tough measure against illegal immigrants, and Hazelton, Pa recently had it’s measure stripped away by a court order, the top dog hopeful, Barack Obama rejoiced in the ruling of Judge James Munley.  All that Hazelton desired to do was to deter housing owners from renting their units to illegals in an effort to reduce the drain on city services that the huge influx of the illegals into town have caused.  Oops.  The politically correct word is “undocumented workers.”  The Judge said that states and localities do not have the right to stem the flow of the undocumented aliens.  It’s the job of the federal government, therefore, the measure is considered unconstitutional and is throw out.

Obama called it a “victory for all Americans.”   I’m wondering which all Americans he is talking about.  Certainly, not the people of Hazelton.  Certainly not the minutemen.  Certainly not the millions of Americans who wrote and called their congressperson to vote against the amnesty bill of Bush, Kennedy and McCain.   Certainly not the people of Oklahoma who overwhelming voted for HB 1804. 

“Even if federal law did not conflict with Hazleton’s measures, the city could not enact an ordinance that violates rights the Constitution guarantees to every person in the United States, whether legal resident or not,”  Munley wrote.  He also wrote that Hazelton was using “excessive enforcement” against illegals, and that the town did not consider the broader “implications” of foreign policy. 

Catch all phrases.  “Excessive” and “implications” can mean anything to anybody depending on one’s own circumstances.  And Obama has his own catch all phrase that he throws around frequently:  “All Americans.”  In one breath, he says we are divided and then he says we are united.  We are divided because Congress was unable to pass the amnesty bill that all Americans support, well, sort of support, because he said so. 

“Recently, the U.S. Senate failed the American people by blocking progress on immigration reform for the second time in two years,”   “The ongoing problems with our immigration system are dividing our country, and distracting us from the work we need to do in other important areas such as health care, education and jobs.”

At one time in this country, a person was not considered an American until being granted citizenship.   Now, someone walks across the border and is immediately considered an American, by politicians pandering for their votes (which by law they do not get the right to vote until they do become a citizen).  And Judges also consider everyone standing on American soil an American, and entitled to all of the rights of a citizen.

How far we have come to returning to the dark ages of mob rule by edit.  Kiss America good-bye folks, it’s on one of its’s last breaths.  Historically, Democracies last around 200 years on average and we are pass that mark.



  1. is obama an immigrant?

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