Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | August 6, 2007

Gays want their flag to fly at town hall.

But, the mayor refused to fly a gay pride flag at the town hall.  But why do you suppose they would think that they have the right to fly their own special flag from a town hall?  What gives them the right to have their flag fly rather than the boy scouts flag, or the flag of the red cross, or the flag of the AAA, or the Jewish flag or any other flag than that of the town or country?   The gays are upset.   Oh, too bad for you.

A Canadian mayor refused to fly a rainbow “gay pride” flag at his town hall.   The decision by Bill Mills was backed by the town council of Truro, Nova Scotia, with a 6-1 vote Friday, reported the Canadian television network CTV. 

And can you guess what happened?   The gays called it a sign of “homophobia,”  that they do not feel welcomed in the town, they feel uncomfortable, not accepted and are wondering if the decision will give the town a “black eye.”   The only ones getting a black eye are the gays.  The mayor is right.  The only flag that is acceptable for flying over the town hall should be that of the town, the State or the Country.  None other.

Go fly your “pride” flag in the front of your home.  Or, just go fly a kite.



  1. Asiseeitnow: The council has decided not to agree to your request to fly your flag. I personally cannot accept it because I believe what the Bible says; you are full of sin and are evil. Being gay is the same as being a pedophile. (Oops, did I say that out loud?) Have you accepted Jesus into your life? He is the only way to save you from you life of sin. But we are going to fly another flag later this year because we believe in that cause.

    Yes indeed, a member of the gay community did ask for the flag to be flown during Pride week. If he had simply been told the council had decided not to fly the flag, there would have been nothing but a few disappointed people. Instead, Mayor Mills decided to use his position of power to lecture, preach to and demean another human being. All the sudden, it’s not about a flag. The flag is only the symbol. And what does the Pride flag actually mean?

    RED = Life
    ORANGE = Healing
    YELLOW = Sun
    GREEN = Nature
    ROYAL BLUE = Harmony
    VIOLET = Spirit

    It is about pride in being a human being and asking that the rest of the world treat you as such. Being able to walk down the street holding the hand of the person you love without fear of name calling, being spit on or dying for it.

  2. Sharon,
    You tell of the design of the flag, the colors and what they represent, but the spirit behind the flag is what matters. When we look upon the flag of the US, we do not think of the meanings placed on the stars and stripes, but of the great opportunities and freedoms granted to every American citizen. That is the symbolism behind the flag. The symbolism behind the Pride flag is the demand for special rights that are not granted to other Americans. The right of parading sexuality as defining a person. The right to deviant behavior. The right to parade their sexual behavior in front of everyone without repercussions of any kind. The flag means to be proud of your sexual nature, like wow man, look at what I can do.

    Personally, I could care less what anyone does in the privacy of their own home. It’s none of my business. But the gay advocacy movement demands that we all accept this behavior as normal, a behavior practice that has given the world the virus known as Aids, and that we must teach this to our children. Nope. This is a wrong. Time to draw the line.

    But also, neither do I agree with the violence that some have committed against gays, much of it because they are gay. That’s a wrong also.

    I’ll keep my sexuality in my house, the gays can keep theirs in their house.

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