Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | August 6, 2007

Michael Irvin, a class act.

That great Dallas Cowboy wide receiver Michael Irvin was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday.   This guy is a class act.  Congratulations Michael, you deserve it. 

Michael gave an impromptu acceptance speech that is an inspiration to all, black, white, mixed, whatever.  It’s a color blind speech.  It’s not about Michael, it’s about everyone who helped him to become the great star he became, it’s about forgiveness, it’s about friendship, it’s about family, it’s about work ethics, it’s about more than the game of football.  It’s about life.  It’s about his faith, his love of God.  Michael you deserve it all.  Thank you Michael for your inspiring words.

You can read the entire transcript here.

“You know the Bible speaks of a healing place. It’s called a threshing floor. The threshing floor is where you take your greatest fear and you pray for help from your great God. I want to share something with you today. I have two sons. Michael, he’s 10, and Elijah, he’s 8. Michael and Elijah, could you guys stand up for me.”

“That’s my heart right there. That’s my heart. When I am on that threshing floor, I pray. I say, God, I have my struggles and I made some bad decisions, but whatever you do, whatever you do, don’t let me mess this up.”

“I say, Please, help me raise them for some young lady so that they can be a better husband than I. Help me raise them for their kids so that they could be a better father than I. And I tell you guys to always do the right thing so you can be a better role model than dad.”


“I wanted to stand in front of my boys and say, Do it like your dad, like any proud dad would want to. Why must I go through so much? ”

“At that moment a voice came over me and said, Look up, get up, and don’t ever give up. You tell everyone or anyone that has ever doubted, thought they did not measure up or wanted to quit, you tell them to look up, get up and don’t ever give up.”

Now, if you want a role model, Michael is the guy.  Look into their character, not at their inflated meaningless accomplishments.   So Barry Bonds has tied the record set by Willie Mays, but Willie was a class act, and Barry, well he’s subject to a bunch of speculation. 

Michael, You are a Class Act.



  1. That was one of the best Hall of Fame speeches I’ve ever heard. Congrats to Michael Irvin.

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