Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | August 6, 2007

The bridge collapse, wake up call part two.

How long did it take for the mainstream media and politicos to get on the bandwagon to highlight the absolute need for new taxes to fund the rebuilding the obsolete and neglected bridges?  Almost immediately. the public began to hear of the numerous bridges throughout the US of A that need repair, or else.  Yes, the talk is heating up.  . 

MSNBC already has compiled the list of bridges that have been determined to be deficient or obsolete State by State. 

The solution is new taxes on gasoline, new taxes on trucks.  Raise the tolls on those toll roads so that the deficient or obsolete bridges can be fixed to prevent another Minneapolis I35W.   While this is a tragedy to those families who lost a loved one and to those who have been injured because of the unfortunate fate of being on that bridge when it failed, the media and the politicians are using the situation for ratings and power trips.   It is also a perfect example of our political climate in this country.

According to the MSNBC stats, Oklahoma has 36% of it’s bridges in the deficient or obsolete category.   Minnesota just 12%.  California 28%.  And Pennsylvania is at a whopping 42.9%.  The solution is new taxes.  Guess what will be the first thing on the agenda of Congress when they get back off their summer time break?   Bridges.  Hysteria over deficient bridges.   Must do something NOW.  Must have new taxes NOW.

Now wait.  The federal tax on gasoline is what, 18.4 cents a gallon already.  Where is all of that money going?   Add it up folks 18.4 cents for EVERY gallon of gasoline sold.  And the individual States all add some of their own taxes to each gallon of gas.  Everything in between 8 cents in Alaska to 35 cents in Hawaii.   Where does that money go?  Is it not supposed to go for road repairs and maintenance of our bridges etc.   Right?   Wrong? 

“The vast majority of gas tax money is spent on programs of little or no benefit to motorists.”   Read this article from 2005 about about your gasoline taxes and a bill ( HR 3) that was passed authorizing the funding for various projects out of the, guess what, yep, the gasoline tax.  

“The following spending projects are part of H.R. 3:

  • $3,000,000 to renovate and expand the National Packard Museum
  • $3,000,000 for the National Infantry Museum Transportation Network
  • $1,705,000 to reconstruct Union Station in North Canaan, CT and establish a transportation museum
  • $1,000,000 to construct the Transportation and Heritage Museum in Townsend, Tennessee
  • $500,000 to Rehabilitate and redesign Erie Canal Museum in Syracuse, NY
  • $250,000 for the Issaquah Valley Trolley Project”

And now, the call is out for additional taxes.  Our irresponsible and unaccountable Congress and federal government at work.  The out cry from the new media must be alive and well on this issue also.  NO NEW TAXES.  Use what is there in a responsible manner, and all of these bridges and roads would not be considered as deficient or obsolete.


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