Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | August 6, 2007

The sergeant and the YearlyKos convention.

You’ve probably have heard of that leftist liberal progressive convention in Chicago over the week-end where the democratic contenders paid tribute to the DailyKos far left-wing anti-military blogger’s.  How would this compare to the republican contenders paying tribute with a debate during a convention sponsored by Pat Robertson and the religious right?   You think there might have been an outrage expressed by the mainstream media and liberals?   Yep.

Well, anyway at this convention, a person dressed in a Army Sergeants uniform, showed up and actually had the nerve to ask Wesley Clark a few questions.   He actually had the nerve to speak up at a panel discussing “The Military and Progressives: Are They That Different?   And a melee broke out where the moderator of the panel shut down the soldier and called an end to the panel.  Explanation: time to quit anyway, time has run out on the allotted time for discussion.  The soldier was wrong in participating in politics while in uniform.  Was it OK for General Patreaus to speak about the results of the military surge while in uniform?  the war in Iraq has become a political issue, has it not?  these leftist have made it a political issue all day long.

To show you just how far I am, I provide you with the link to the official DailyKos response to the incident. 

What Really Happened at the YearlyKos Military Panel


If you have the stomach to read to the end you’ll see some very interesting comments about the military, and as a side bar, this writer attacks Matt Drudge and Michelle Malkin for not having served in the military, as if that would disqualify them for supporting the war now centered in Iraq and writing about it.  Anyway, the DailyKos article does not take up the issue of the merits or lack of merits of the war against Islamic terrorism, but attacks the military for deploying some of the troops to a fifth or even a sixth deployment, and somehow say that enlistment standards have been lowered to enhance the recruiting efforts. 

“They are war mongers, too cowardly to go themselves—and yet too eager to send others to go in their places.  Even as this July was the deadliest July for American forces since the start of the war, even though soldiers are now being sent back on their fifth and sixth deployments, even as enlistment standards are lowered to enhance recruiting efforts, these cowards are still too spineless to physically help out the troops they say they “support.”

Now why would they attack Drudge and Malkin?   These people do not have it in them to really have an open debate about the war against terror.  It’s always about the troops themselves, what they do not have, the lack of the ultimate in body armor, the increase time in the heat, the few times that one of them went overboard as in the Abu Ghraib situation, or the purported mess at Haditha, or others.  The left-wing does not desire to discuss what is really at stake, only the daily missteps that can happen during a split second decision, a reaction to an event being carried out by a person of unknown identity, (the Islamic terrorists who are not raging a war according to the Geneva convention btw) who appear to have the intent to harm and/or kill oneself or your buddies.  The answer of the left is to bring all of our troops home, so they can enjoy the beaches with the rest of us.  The future?  Well, it can’t possibly be as bad as one soldier being killed now.  

That’s war.   That’s the kind of war our troops are fighting in a heat that would drive most of us to the local swim pools and lakes to cool down and have fun.   Just in case you have not heard of this before, our brave men and women are over there fighting to protect our freedoms here.   And what does DailyKos do?  They attack Matt Drudge and Michelle Malkin because they commented on the far left-wing YearlyKos convention who shut down a military man (retired BTW) and would not let him finish his right to free speech.  The fairness doctrine is next to eliminate the likes of Drudge and Malkin.

This a perfect example of the left-wing liberal thoughts on the military.  Who needs an army anyway, because when these socialists get the power they desire, the world will all of a sudden fall in line and sing Kumbya together circling the globe in totally unity for the defense of the live earth.  Peace man peace.    P L E A S E, can we have peace?


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