Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | August 7, 2007

Hillary advocates a shared prosperity.

Nothing really new here, but now she has come out in the open and declared that WHEN she becomes President that she would make those “modern progressive’ beliefs into a reality. 

“I believe in shared responsibility and shared prosperity,” Clinton said. “I see myself as a modern progressive. I believe one of the crowning achievements of the early American progressives was reforming our economic system, making changes that made the economy work for more Americans.”

“Today we have a clear choice,” said the front-runner for the Democratic nomination. “We can look at the statistics, wring our hands and continue to do nothing. Or we can do what America has done in times of difficulty: acknowledge that we have a real challenge and confront it head-on with real solutions.”  The Hill.

Specifically, she would “rescue the volatile homeowners market with increased regulation and expanded affordable housing.”   Let’s see now, because some home buyers went over their heads with certain flexible mortgages, and the housing market appears to be heading for a slump, it’s time for the government to step in and bail people out.  Or, it’s time for more regulations on the banking industry, and the people industry. 

Why?  Because the Government can do those things better than individuals can.  It’s the basic premise of the democratic party.  People are dumb and government is smart.  People do dumb things and make mistakes, but the federal government does not ever make mistakes, only miscalculations.  Hillary to the rescue.  She will fix everything.  Homeowners will not need to worry about their mortgage payments going into default, as more housing is somehow made more affordable, as she will be there for you, working on your behalf for your betterment and your shared prosperity, so that everyone can hold their head up high in pride. 

Just the same old crap as universal health care.   This one is called universal housing care.  Where does this socialist agenda stop?  Universal car care.  Universal TV care, because everyone has the right to a good high def TV set nowadays.  Universal cell phone care.  Universal clothing care, as everyone has self-esteem issues and clothing is important to one’s self-esteem.  Universal healthy food care, as everyone should be able to eat a good balanced nutritious meal at least once a day.

Universal needs never stop growing.  Government never stops growing.  Hillary never stops pandering to special interest rockers.


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