Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | August 9, 2007

Oklahoma Bill 1804 angers Hispanic organization

Reverend Miguel Rivera says Hispanic members from across the country will travel to Oklahoma for a rally at the State Capital in Oklahoma city in October to protest the toughest Illegal Immigration bill of any another local community or State measures to enforce the immigration laws of the land.   He adds that they are starting a database that will include the names of state troopers who engage in racial profiling. A legal challenge to 1804 is expected to be filed before November.

So, let me get this right.  Miquel Rivera, a political immigration activist of CONLAMIC (National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders) travels into Oklahoma to protest 1804 and threatens our State Troopers with lawsuits, if they engage in any kind of racial profiling.  OK, let’s reason out a common scenario.   You are a state highway patrol officer and you are keeping our highways safe by controlling the illegal activities on the state roadways and along comes a vehicle exceeding the speed limit by 10, 15 MPH, so on go the lights and hot pursuit.  the vehicle slows down and pulls over and the officer asks for the usual, drivers license and proof of registration and insurance.  The driver cannot produce the required DL, and upon a quick glance, the officer sees a dozen people crammed in the vehicle.  He calls in assistance.  The driver cannot speak English.

What does the officer do?  What will Miquel Rivera do?   He says he wants to document this vehicle stop and search event in his database, and consider filing a lawsuit for racial profiling.  Or even the possibility of a “hate crime” if any contact was made between the officer and the driver.  What Is so hard for Miquel to understand about obeying the laws of the land.  Is that the culture in corrupt Mexico?

Sure thing.  At 85 MPH, the officer noticed from his stopped position, and or from the rear in pursuit that the driver was Hispanic and thinks, “I’m going to get this “spic.”

Now how crazy and imbecilic have some of these organizations become.  And this guy calls himself a reverend.  He’s an intimidator.  The same kind as that Jesse fellow.   Another name is: domestic terrorist.

More on the work of CONLAMIC.  Here. Here. and Here



  1. It’s very simple. We live in a nation in which, thankfully, the average American citizen is racially tolerant and law abiding. However, in states that are unaccustomed to growing immigrant populations- both legal and not legal, growing fear develops among those who racially intolerant – which can transform into hate. These attitudes can also exist among public officials and officers of the law. We’ve seen many instances in the media of injustices by law enforcement against non-whites. Again, thankfully – this is not an epidemic, but even one innocent life deserves to be protected – its the American way (which makes our nation so great). Leadership such as Rev. Miguel Rivera and Jesse Jackson has developed to meet a growing need in America – Lord knows it was needed in the time of Martin Luther King, Jr. Those communities need strong leaders to protect the civil rights of their people. These Reverends feel it’s their moral obligation to protect civil rights – I agree that they are the most qualified to do this work. Without their leadership, injustice will grow. Yes, these leaders are loud, they are intimidating, but they are also very effective in protecting civil rights. As I said, most of us Americans are good hearted citizens, however, there are some very bad seeds who thrive on finding any excuse to target someone of color and will use their power (whatever it may be) to attack. If intimidation is what is needed to diffuse hateful behavior, racial profiling, etc. – then so be it – Lord knows gentleness and humility (such is the nature of most immigrants) won’t do the job of stopping the racial profiling. Thank God for Rev. Rivera’s great work. I read on his blog about the success he had in New Jersey and Florida working through the courts. I hope the same for OK.

  2. “Now how crazy and imbecilic have some of these organizations become. And this guy calls himself a reverend. He’s an intimidator. The same kind as that Jesse fellow. Another name is: domestic terrorist.”

    I couldn’t agree more.

  3. I live very close to little Mexico in Tulsa. When HB 1804 was purposed both legal and illegal blocked the streets and we had a hard time picking our children up at school and getting to and from home and work that entire week. Many of the protesters had one or two legal residents in the family while the rest we not. I had an employee that told me they would not be coming in to work the day that the protest was to be held downtown even though they were scheduled. I can sympathize with them on one hand but on the other I cannot. I have customers that are trying to sponsor family members back in their home countries and know that it is expensive but family is worth every penny.

  4. […] here on his views on the Oklahoma legislation and his attempts to make the law into something racist […]

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