Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | August 9, 2007

The PGA Championship; a spectators pictures and comments.

The PGA starts today at Southern Hills, a Perry Maxwell design of long ago, featuring a real challenge to these best of the best professional golfers. I had the privilege of playing this course several times a decade ago and it is tough. Narrow fairways lined with large mature trees, small bunkered greens, and it is long. Rarely will there be a flat lie in the fairway. The hills of Southern Hills will be difficult for the caddies lugging those heavy bags as the temperature in Tulsa is expected to hover around the 100 degree mark. It’ll be fun to watch the rest of the week from the comfort of my air-conditioned home, but yesterday I ventured onto the course for the practice round and casual viewing and picture taking.


The view from the side of tee number 3, a 451 yard par 4 dogleg left. Narrow fairway and tall trees are a very prominent feature of every hole.


Number 5 tee from high above the fairway, a 653 yard dogleg left par 5. These guys will try to fly the bunkers at the corner, but to reach the elevated green in two is unlikely.


One of my favorites, number 11, a 173 yarder downhill to a small undulating green. Many balls will get the slick slopes to rear left and end up down the hill or in the rear bunker. Those beautiful crepe myrtles are everywhere around the course and Tulsa this time of the year.


A few of the many emergency vehicles ready and waiting to transport spectators overcome by the heat.


Yesterday afternoon, a couple of the mowers out touching up on the rough.


While the pros were practicing putting from various spots on the green, a worker syringes the short grass to cool it enough so that it does not burn from the heat. This is performed numerous times during the day.


An oscillating fan behind a green moving the air and cooling the grass.


A future pro practicing with dad.


The retail golf shop. Air-conditioned, so very likely the large portable temporary store will be used for just wandering around and cooling off. Those paths are covered with indoor/outdoor carpeting.

An event of this size could only be pulled off by our private enterprise system. It is professional in every aspect from the indoor/outdoor carpeting installed at the shuttle bus unloading area all the way to the course, and along with the thousands of trained volunteers who are attending to the needs of the golfers and the thousands of fans. It is a wonder of professional achievement.

And all of it for the purpose of seeing who can get that white ball into 18 holes in the least amount of strokes for four days. BTW, these guys get paid only on their performance, no guaranteed contracts in this game. And to top it off, they are their own umpire, as honor, respect and integrity is the bedrock foundational basis of this marvelous game of golf.

Oh, and to the unsatisfaction of the Gore crowd, a carbon footprint has not been established for this tournament. No comment from the PGA.

Here we are complaining about our 100 degree heat and our troops are enduring 118 degree heat wearing 40 pounds of body armor defending our rights and freedoms here in the land of plenty and opportunities galore.   Shouldn’t we remember this more often?



  1. omg.. good work, bro

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