Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | August 10, 2007

US to give Millions to Mexico to fight drugs….in Mexico.

The US does have drug enforcement officers located in Mexico. But, our drug enforcement officers in Mexico are not allowed to carry weapons or to conduct independent investigations, and I would assume that would also mean they are not allowed to conduct searches, make arrests, or any of the other functions that officers normally would perform to enforce the laws against illegal drug trafficking and production. In other words, the hands are tied behind their backs. Mexico is suspicious of our efforts, which Mexico historically has seen as “interference.”

Americans know that this country is the main outlet for the drug cartels operating in Mexico. The Mexican who was shot by our border patrol agents Ramos and Compean is a drug trafficker, just one of many others who are illegally transporting drugs into the US. Americans have long heard that the government and police in Mexico is riddled with corruption and seem to be inept in policing their own problems. The country is a mess politically and economically, and that is the main reason why the average Mexican seek a better opportunity and life in the US and are willing to risk it all by illegally crossing over the border. And yet, our feds pander to their government. It must be that desire to be a good neighbor to the idiot next door who will not even cut his own grass.

“In as much as it is a problem for both countries, the solution lies both with the US and Mexico. President Calderón has taken a brave and firm stance in fighting these drug cartels. We want to talk to him about how we can support that effort.”

Mr Calderón has hinted that the US should provide aid because he sees it as US problem. “We’re not asking the US for charity, we’re asking them to assume co-responsibility of the situation,” Link to the rest of the story.

The US is expected to offer an aid package providing planes, surveillance equipment, radar and training. There would also be closer cooperation between US and Mexican intelligence agencies.

Sure it is. It has become a problem to us, because Calderón will not, or is not capable of solving the problem over there. And now, the US is proposing sending Millions upon Millions of our tax monies to Calderón for him to squander away on a problem they have proved they cannot and/or will not solve themselves, but then our agents have their hands handcuffed behind their backs.

“Henry Cuellar, a Democrat from Texas, said: “We’re looking at assistance, technical training and equipment to fight the increasing drug warfare they have.”

What’s that old saying? Something to the effect that you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t force it to drink. That’s as good as these efforts will be.

How many times must it be said that if our southern border was sealed with a modern double fence, the addition of surveillance equipment, planes monitoring the border continually, radar and additional border agents, then the main outlet for those illicit drugs would dry up. Mostly.

But then, the drug cartel would find other ways to get into the US, like stuffing the trucks that will soon be able to cross the border legally and drop their shipments anywhere along the SPP corridor. There was a plan not long ago to allow Mexican trucks being driven by Mexicans to have access to our highways. Headline from The Arizona Republic: “Mexican trucks to enter farther into Ariz., U.S.”

I see a pattern that has developed over the years. Be neighborly, no matter what evil and stupid things he does, as he just may change his ways one of these days. At least he is willing to sit down at the table and talk. And the other neighbors across the street, or down the road a bit will think you are very humane and forgiving, and tolerant, and willing to co-operate in the spirit of a multi-cultural progressive community of neighbors in this larger village we all belong to.

And that is as I see it.


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