Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | August 12, 2007

Iowa: Romney wins, T. Thompson out.

But who cares? It’s just a bit early. But regardless, this is still part of our democratic process. McCain and Giuiani skipped it. And the dark horse who has not officially declared his candidacy, Fred Thompson, also was not involved. So, what does the media make of it all? You know, the media just MUST make something out of it, they just have to respond and offer their profound analysis of what’s to come on the republican side, as they have also analyzed the feud between Obama and Hillary.

“Romney appeared on the Fox News Sunday television program. The number-two finisher in the straw poll – Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee – was interviewed on CBS’s Face the Nation.” Link.

This is the process where the candidates themselves come to realize that it would be better for them to go home and relax and watch from the sidelines, as Tommy Thompson has done. It is also a time for gathering together their stances on the main issues that Americans feel are the most important facing the good ole US of A. The way America treats the war on terror. The illegal immigration mess. And those domestic issues being brought up like health care, environmental care, education care, Islamic vs Christianity/Judaism care, taxation care and on down the list.

Most Americans, and this is my own very scientific poll as I looked at customers coming and going at Wal-Mart, and the spectators rushing to get the nearest glimpse of Tiger during the PGA, and I did not see one “Vote Romney” or “Vote Hillary” button. They are already tired of it all, on both sides of the aisle.  Sometimes most Americas are not as dumb as the politicians and the MSM portray them out to be. It’s too early folks. By the time it comes to pick a candidate, by spring of next year, the average person of the US will be turned off to all of the very apparent outright and downright pandering to special interest groups that is happening now.

But, on second thought, this may be a good thing and it just might backfire on those doing the most pandering to this group today and then pandering to another group next week, who just may have totally different stances on the main issues. How many of them are going to remain controversy free during the next 6 months? How many will be able to remember what was said yesterday in the heat of discussion, and not contradict those words two months from now? A persons real character has a way of exposing itself after a lapse of time.  This is what Americans are watching.

The media may hold them to it. The bloggosphere will.

So have at it guys and Hillary. America is still watching from a distance.

And that’s as I see it.


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