Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | August 13, 2007

The future of America, which way will it go?

No doubt you heard about the Hindu invited to offer up the prayer of invocation before a Senate session a few weeks ago. You know of the controversy regarding Keith Ellison, the Muslim congressman from Minnesota, demanding that he be allowed to take his oath of office on a copy of the Koran. You have read the numerous accounts of the persecution of Christians in America for things like handing out tracks in the front of a school, the long bitter fight to get the Ten Commandments monument removed from the court house in Alabama, and Judge Roy Moore loosing his post as chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama. These are just a few of the accounts representing the battle within America for control over, well, just about everything.

It appears that the progressive secular humanist left is now in a quandary. They are called ‘secular’ because this group, who think of themselves as superior folks saying there is no god and you must be a fool to believe something that cannot be proved scientifically and they did not want their children to be fed this bunch of myths by our public educational system. They successfully removed prayer from our schools. They successfully removed Bible readings from our schools. They successfully got Darwin and the evolution of species as the “only” acceptable basis of all life, taught to our children. Any other theory cannot be taught because it includes a belief in a creator God. Heaven forbid, what an outrage to suggest that the universe was created.

But now, another religion is becoming very vocal and are openly advocating their religious beliefs upon Americans. Islam is growing very fast in the country and many areas have bent and changed old traditional traditions to appease the local Muslims. The church bells do not ring in Hamtramck, Michigan, but the sounds of Muslim prayers are broadcast loud and clear. Special foot baths are being installed in universities to appease the Muslim students. It’s trendy to offend Christians and a tragedy to offend a Muslim. What a strange world it has become. In America no less.

Where are the secularists? Why are they not speaking out against these infringements on their “civil rights” to be free of any religious influence in the country? Why are they so quiet now?

Rep. Bill Sali, R-Idaho, has taken a beating in the last two days from the left-wing blogosphere and the Old Media for his criticism of the Hindu invocation offered this summer before the U.S. Senate and for his caution regarding America’s first Muslim congressman, Keith Ellison, D-Minn.

Sali has been called everything from a “brainless bigot” to “stark raving mad” to “ugly and dangerous” to “spectacularly stupid,” and he has been compared to a “deranged person shouting at pigeons on a street corner” by hate-filled, vitriolic left-wing bloviators on blogs such as The Carpetbagger Report and Daily Kos.

It’s very confusing why just a vocal criticism against Muslims is condemned while support for Christians witnessing on public land is also condemned.

Where are these secularists now? Why are they not speaking out against Islam for their religious insistence that women be covered when in public? Why are the feminists not speaking out about the laws of Islam banning a women from even having casual contact with a man she is not married to? And if she does, she might get stoned to death. Why are the feminists so quiet? Where is the outrage against the Islamic laws that puts to death the victim of a rape, unless she is able to get 3 witnesses. Why are the secular humanists not speaking out? Why are the gays not condemning Islam as a religion of hate, as under Islamic law a gay person does not have the right to live. Why are they so silent about this? And where are the liberals in Hollywood when Islam condemns the portraying of any kind of sexual contact on screen and this is what has made Hollywood what it is. Hollywood would cease to be without those freedoms to express this junk as “art.” Islam would shut Hollywood down in the blink of an eye, and Britney Spears would be put to death along with thousands others who have become idols of teen-agers. Not a beep have we heard from the leaders in the entertainment industry condemning the Muslim laws. Why not?

What a bunch of hypocrites. They attack a conservative for his criticism of a Hindu being allowed to bring a convocation in front of the Senate, but they see no need to attack the greatest threat to America ever to come the pike, Islam.

What a bunch of idiots these left winger, secular humanists have become. They would be willing to turn over the control of the country to Muslims just because Muslims are not Christians or Jewish. When these groups do not speak out, it is the same as agreeing and adding their support to what the Muslims desire, an Islamic state under Islamic rule, under Islamic laws.  Hey, could it be that these people are thinking of the 72 virgins?   What a revolting situation for the gays though, as all those virgins will be female?   Wow, what a turn off for a gay to be limited to sex with a female.

50 years from now, will America continue to be a Judeo-Christian nation, or an Islamic theocracy? If the secular progressive humanists keep their heads in the sand much longer, there is no doubt about it, they will not have the Christians to deal with, it will be the likes of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran and his armies of enforcers they will deal with. The Christians will have all moved to the cover of home churches and individual outreach programs as is being done in many Islamic countries now.

I do not have the literary skills of Randy Taylor who has written an article entitled: America and the Demon Within. It’s worth the read.

To end this rant of mine, I just want to know why all of these secular progressives are not outraged by the behavior of the Muslims.  Where are they?

Why are they so silent?



  1. Before you post get your facts straight. I live in Hamtramck, MI and I do here the Muslim call for prayer if I have my windows open but I also here the church bells ringing from St. Florian, St. Laudils and many other churches. It makes for a nice symphony.

  2. Church bells only ring on Sundays and usually just once at the time of service. The Muslim call to prayer and all of that is five times a day, each day of the week. Does not sound very harmonic to me. Which do you prefer to hear? Which method of the groups request to sound the alarm do you prefer?

  3. Well said, the Left MUST start waking up more about
    the Religion of Peace’s true nature.

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    behead homosexuals

    while screaming GOD IS GREAT
    and The Left will defend you

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