Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | August 14, 2007

San Francisco to ban Blue Angels.

The same board of commissioners that attacked Michael Savage has now passed a resolution “Seeking the Permanent Halt to the Blue Angels Air Show Over San Francisco” during Fleet Week in October, and from then on into perpetuity. Permanently. No more. Go somewhere else. San Fran does not want the prestigious air show over their queer city. Resolution # 070931 of August 13,2007

Lie: “Whereas, Blue Angels air shows have not occurred without incident or loss of life”

Lie: “Whereas, when the aircraft fly their simulated strafing runs over the concrete and glass canyons of San Francisco’s high-rise buildings, the volume is magnified to ear splitting and nerve shattering levels”

Lie: “Whereas, San Francisco is a sanctuary city for many immigrants from war torn countries and home to thousands of veterans of war who have experienced air bombardment and are at risk of being traumatized when the Blue Angels perform.”

Those were just of the outrageous whereas of the resolution that supervisor Chris Daly penned and the supervisors passed. Daly is influenced by CodePink, a peace and social justice movement working to end the war in Iraq, stop new wars, and redirect resources to healthcare and other socialist agendas. By Global Exchange, an international human rights group dedicated to increasing the awareness of root causes of injustice around the world. And by Veterans for Peace, an organization telling us from their collective experience that wars are easy to start but hard to stop and those most hurt are the innocent. So, ladies and gentlemen, those three left-wing global socialist anti-military organizations can push hard enough to get the city to ban a 45 year traditional event.

Surely there are many vets in San Fran that are outraged by this. Surely there are thousands of family men who would like their kids to watch the best damm air show there ever was. For sure, they are there, but their voices were not heard by the council. This is not democracy, this is a tyranny. I guarantee you that if there was a vote among the people of San Fran, the air show would go on, but because three very loud voiced intimidating anti-military groups stomped their feet on the ground in a fit like a three year old, the city caved. The parents give in to get the kid to shut up. But maybe again, this is exactly what San Francisco wants, as the city has also given us Nancy Pelosi. Is it possible for the rest of the states to give California to Mexico?

Lie: “Whereas, the jets also terrorize small children, seniors, pets and local wildlife.”

The PDF agenda packet contains 100 pages, the resolution itself and letters (mostly the same letters with different signatures, like a chain letter that CodePink would send out to sympathetic peacenicks.

What is happening to the good ole US of A? A new generation of hippies have taken control of this City on the bay, a bunch of government educated wimps and scared pussy cats who look into the mirror and see nothing worthwhile, nothing, nada, zip. It’s the mentality of parents who demand that their toddlers wear helmets, knee and elbow pads while the kids ride their training wheel bikes in the driveway.

With citizens like this in San Fran, what can you expect.

Read some of the comments from the letters that citizens wrote supporting the ban or demanding the ban. Hysterically sad. But these are the letters the council used to support their agenda to do away with the Blue Angels, because the people like Chris Daly are secular progressive liberal socialists, democrats. Government is good. People are bad. America is bad. The military is bad. It kills people for no reason.  Christianity is bad as many Christians join the military.  Islam is good, it does not have a military, only “freedom fighters.”

“Each year the blue angels flyovers cause me much distress.”

“Long term health and environmental harm from the pollutants in jet-engine exhaust.”

“The Blue Angles cause disruptive noise, danger, pollution and is pro-war propaganda.”

“Disruption of the learning environment at educational and training institutions.”

“Every year, I cringe as the blue angels roar overhead. The noise is appalling and distracting to my work.”

“It is a major disturbance and often traumatic event for pets and people of all kinds.”

Chris Daly and the council may not have to experience themselves the onslaught of the Muslims coming to California, but their kids might and the grand kids in 20, 30, 40 years from now will experience a city without a beacon. With organizations like these three controlling city councils, it may not take that long as appeasement is “always” better than conflict. That’s the way they think.

Citizens of San Francisco, just wait till you get disturbed by the noise of Islamic prayer time being broadcast over the loudspeakers throughout your entire city, like it now is in Hamtramck, Michigan, Just wait till your daughters must don those burkas. Just wait till your wives cannot even venture outdoors without you walking three steps in front of them. Just wait till you witness the public stoning of your daughter because she was caught in adultery. Just wait till a homosexual is hanged in the public square.

Will you all wake up then? But then is too late. If you continue this anti-anything of the American heritage, the anti-military stance, then your city will be easily converted to Islamic law as you will not recognize the take over until it’s already done. This war is against radical Islamic fascists who desire to rule the world. One day these people will believe it as it comes to San Francisco.

It’s sad to see a great city go to waste.

And that is as I see it.

Updated 8/15

That measure was defeated and the Blue angels will fly over San Fran during the Fleet week. 

The committee voted 2-1 to table the measure, authored by Supervisor Chris Daly, effectively killing it. But Daly, who cited public safety and noise concerns as his reasons for proposing the ban, promised to continue pushing it.”


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