Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | August 15, 2007

Religious PC…Christians urged to call God, Allah….and attempts to regulate.

This kind of stuff I can not even imagine, and what pajama clad blogger could make it up?   No kidding.   A catholic bishop in Amsterdam said that “God really doesn’t care how we address Him.”   Now, that may be true, but….and that little “but” does matter.    There are entire concepts of the Almighty Creator God built around the word we use to refer to  our concepts of the creator, and it does matter a whole bunch.    It have various, very different meanings to us earthlings.

Pray to Allah, Dutch bishop suggests.

“The Dutch bishop admitted that his suggestion was not likely to gain widespread acceptance. But he predicted that within a century or two, Dutch Catholics would be addressing prayers to “Allah.”   Sorry Mr. Bishop, but your desire to appease the Muslims does not ring the bells for the rest of us.   How about the Muslims appeasing the Christians by calling off the jihad?


In Germany, a Muslim teacher attempted “to persuade a German court that it was allowable to wear a Muslim headscarf if she wore it in the style of the late screen siren Grace Kelly.” The court rejected her claim.


And here in the US, a Hindu foundation is complaining that Christian organizations all across the nation are using their web sites to promote “hate.” “The proliferation of websites promoting religious hatred is an unfortunate consequence of the universality of access to the Internet,” said Vinay Vallabh, the lead author of the report by the Hindu American Foundation.

“The Internet, this tool of knowledge and communications, is regularly abused, becoming a vehicle for the worst human impulses, as reflected in the pervasiveness of pornographic websites and websites devoted to fomenting hatred and violence against particular religious and ethnic groups,” he wrote. “Many of the websites described in this report claim to speak from religious perspectives. But is the greatness of traditions like Christianity or Islam served by denigrating Hinduism or spreading false information about it? This report is a wake-up call to all Americans to work for a society in which all religions are respected, and in which the practitioners of all religions can feel safe and included.”

The report, called “Hyperlink to Hinduphobia: Online Hatred, Extremism and Bigotry Against Hindus,” describes how “demonic” and “satanic” are the “terms most commonly used today to describe Hinduism by numerous anti-Hindu web sites easily accessible on the Internet.” For the entire article click here.

Here we go, another attempt to influence the government to regulate the content of the Internet, to make it more politically correct and not offensive to anyone. This attack is against Christian organizations and the fact that on these sites, they portray the Christian doctrines and some of those doctrines are not pleasing to anyone of a different religion. So What?

If you do not like black tea, then get yourself a cup of green tea. You can have your green tea, but if you visit my website, where I promote my special blend of original black Middle Eastern Tea which has been a tradition and a very special blessing to me and mine for centuries, and, whereas your green stuff just does not satisfy. I feel that it is weak and the taste just leaves me out in the cold, and I make those comments on my website, then all I can say is, tough. It’s not hate, it is my preference, it is my bias toward Black tea. You’ve got your bias toward that green tea. Build a better website and a better case for your green tea.

But damm it all, don’t try to influence the government to regulate my preference for black tea. I will never like green tea, and you may never like black tea, but we can still say “hi”, and “howdy” as we cross paths walking down the street.

Don’t get mad if I offer you a package of black tea to take home.

And that is “as I see it”, and if you don’t like it, then don’t come back.


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