Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | August 15, 2007

The fairest tax of them all.

Wow, we are getting somewhere.  It has been reported that Fred Thompson has come out and said he favors The FairTax Plan.  “The Fair Tax — a national retail sales tax designed to replace the income tax system and all payroll taxes — has the support of five declared Republican presidential candidates and one Democrat (former Sen. Mike Gravel).”   A NewsMax story.

Are you familiar with the plan that would eliminate the IRS?

Do you know that it would also eliminate the withholding of federal taxes from your pay check?

Do you know that the Fair Tax plan would eliminate the hidden taxes (hidden from the public) that corporations pay?

Did you get the point that all illegal immigrants in the country would then contribute into the federal tax system including social security?

Do you understand that all foreign travelers into the US would also contribute to federal taxes and our social security?

Do the poor in the country realize that because of the prebate check, their federal tax burden would effectively be zero?

Do you know that second hand goods would be tax free?  

Do you know that every American citizen family would get a monthly prebate check to effectively pay for the taxes on the goods and services up to the poverty level.   A traditional family of 4 would get approximately  $491 each month.  Illegal immigrants: Nada.

And here is the one that all liberals like.  The filthy rich would pay more taxes than the slightly middle class, because they buy more.

But here is one the liberals hate.  Well, to be fair most politicians do not like the idea that some of their power is removed.  It would remove taxes as a political tool and remove the power of politicians to use the tax codes to enforce the behavior of corporations and individuals that politicians desire. 


HR 25 has been introduced into the House as of Jan. 2007 and has 63 cosponsors.

S.1025 has been introduced into the Senate and has 4 cosponsors.


You can buy the book on Amazon for $16.47,   But, read some of the 1400 some reviews first to see what others are saying about the book.


The time is NOW, this election, to make the move to make this one of the deciding issue among conservatives.  If any of the contenders do not think the Fair Tax is the way to go, then we should dismiss that person immediately.  Either he has not read the book and does not understand the principals of the fair tax plan, or he has something else up his sleeve, and thus cannot be trusted.  This is a must item for conservatives.  It should be one of the questions for EVERY debate, and even the democrats should get their views about the Fair Tax known and published for all to see.

This election.  This is the time.


Another item should be Term Limits.   I would welcome your comments about it.


Oh buddy, this IS really as I see it.




  2. Regarding term limits — may be a good idea as it would put an end to career politicians, which would be a good thing. However, it would possibly prevent us from voting to keep in office a public servant that we felt really upheld his/her oath to the US Constitution……….but then, I don’t know any of those, do you?

  3. […] I see it points out that the Fair Tax would eliminate hidden […]

  4. I agree, Arnie, passage of the FairTax should be followed up by term limits legislation. If the President is TL’d, why shouldn’t the Legislative branch be also?

    The FairTax is a matter of the greatest urgency, however, and all energies should be focused on spreading the FairTax bill:

    Let’s elect a president who understands how important it is. Who? You decide:

  5. We could all be governed just as well by a random selection of 535 names out of the phone book.

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