Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | August 16, 2007

Michael Yon, the latest from Iraq.

“To say there has been no political progress in Iraq in 2007 is patently absurd, completely wrong and dangerously dismissive of the significant changes and improvements happening all across Iraq. Whether or not Americans are seeing it on the nightly news or reading it in their local papers, Iraqis are actively writing their children’s history.” You got to love this guy. Michael is an independent journalist working on his own, no editors back home in Washington editing his work, and only his own integrity to back up his stories. And that is enough.

His latest post entitled “Three Marks on the Horizon” is available here.

“Three areas that had experienced dramatic change in 2007—change that convinces me the “surge” is working:

1. Iraqis are uniting across sectarian lines to drive al Qaeda in all its disguises out of Iraq, and they are empowered by the success they are having, each one creating a ripple effect of active citizenship.

2. The Iraqi Army is much more capable now than they were in 2005. They are not ready to go it alone, but if we keep working, that day will come soon.

3. General Petraeus is running the show. Petraeus may well prove to be to counterinsurgency warfare what Patton was to tank battles with Rommel, or what Churchill was to the Nazis.”

You will not read these things on the mainstream outlets, and the liberals will not read them either. Why? Don’t want to. it does not fit into their political agenda and that Cindy loser would not like it either. When day after day and week after week, the media breaks into local programming with an update on the casualties in Iraq, only the America troops who have been killed or hurt, never the results of how many of the “freedom fighters” or “insurgents” that our brave men and women have taken down. Our media will not call these suicide bombers Muslims, but for some reason all of those freedom fighters and insurgents are all Muslims. Those things we do not hear. Those things we have to find out for ourselves.

The blatant deceitful behavior of the msm and the leftist politicians would have been considered treasonous during WWII.

Into the Sea

“Back at the war, at nearly exactly the same time, a massive attack had begun on the Yezidi people. More than 200 people [perhaps 500] were murdered by suicide bombers. Like they had done in New York. Like they had done in London. Like they had done in Bali. Mass murder. I had visited a couple of Yezidi villages in Iraq in 2005, and written about them, and now was their turn to suffer again. Today while Komang’s parents suffer in Bali, there are probably Yezidi children with no parents. Children who are injured and afraid and suddenly alone. All for nothing. All because of savages.”

And of those savages are Muslims. Muslims killing other Muslims. Muslims killing Americans. Muslims killing innocent women and children. Muslims killing the British. Muslims killing …… just because others may be in their way of their quest for political and religious domination.

As I see it.


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