Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | August 16, 2007

SCHIP is what? and Why?

The State Children’s Health Insurance Program is up for renewal at the end of September, or it goes by the wayside.  There has been lots of talk from the liberals that this program must be expanded to cover more and more of our children.  The current congress desires to raise the qualifying income level (family of four) up to $82,600, double up from the 200% over the poverty level the old bill covered.    The program is all for the “children.”   Who could possibly be against our kids?   You must be some kind of a idiot on dope not to see the need to take care of the children of the country.

But you know that with everything there are consequences, and as always the unforeseen or unintended consequences is what comes backs and bites us all in the you know what.  It took 465 pages to write the bill.  Now, how many in congress are going to read the entire line by line bill to comprehend it all?   How many of our journalists have read the entire 465 pages so that they can intelligently report to us the real contents?   I have not read it.  Have you?  Do you know anyone who has?   The pdf version is available here.  It is 502 pages. 

Why do we have a government health care program to begin with?   The entitlement mentality that is consuming Americans is the reason why.  Well then, let me in on some of the action.   It would be nice if the feds would pay for my homeowners insurance, as just imagine what it inconvenience and extra expense it would do to me if the house caught fire and was destroyed.  A friend of mine had a unforeseen flood which caused considerable damage to his home and they were put up in a motel for about six months while the private insurance fought over the contractors repairs and the necessary code updates that had to be met.   Needless to say the mandated asbestos inspections caused even further delays.  A real nightmare causing considerable traumatic mental strain to this loving couple.  The insurance never pays everything.  A government program could have solved all their pain and anguish, right?   Many of the so classified poor own homes and somehow manage to decide what homeowners insurance they want and can afford, right?   Do the feds yet feel the need to pay these costs? 

It would also be nice if the feds would pay my required auto insurance premiums.  What a nightmare and real inconvenience it would be if my car or pick up would be totaled out in a wreck, or stolen, or a windshield damaged by a flying stone from our pot holed streets.  My vehicles are old ( 1996 and 2001) compared to what I see on the streets and I wonder how do they pay for their insurance for those brand new cars and Hummers, or SUV’s with GPS systems, much less the monthly payments.   The auto insurance is required by the state, and when stopped, as I was a few years ago for not wearing that dag gone seat belt while I was 1/2 mile from the house on a short errand, I then had to show proof of insurance to the officer.  It’s required to have just the basic liability coverage that does not cover any damage to my vehicle.  I’ve got an option of what coverage to pay for.  My choice and my consequences.  Are the poor required to have auto insurance?   Somehow they manage to pay for it.   Why don’t the politicians feel the need to pay these costs in order to protect families from tragedies as children often get hurt in those nasty care wrecks.

Health Care.  For some reason the politicians and the elite seem to think that Americans are too dumb to make a choice regarding their own health care, while everyday Americans are making choices over auto insurance and homeowner, or renters insurance.   I don’t get it.  Could it be because politicians see the issue as a vote getting scheme?

Hey, don’t leave me out of all those entitlements.  I protest. I want my auto insurance paid for.  I want my homeowners insurance paid for.  And while they are at it, add in Life insurance so that my kids will get a huge chunk when this body of mine quits ticking.  I got a right, don’t I?   It would all be for my grandchildren and their well being.  Who could possibly be against grandchildren cashing in on the grandparents life cut short with a government paid life insurance?

After all, the bill of rights says I have the “right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”   My life happiness and liberty would be better served perhaps if the government paid for all of these items so then I could afford to take that extended trip to Germany and Sweden I’ve desired, but can’t afford on my own.


Entitlements are a scam to get your vote and that’s all.  They could care less about you and your needs.

And take a guess on how this is to be funded.   An increase in the taxes on cigarettes.  The Center for disease control pushes for a reduction in cigarette consumption to “save the children”, while this bill pushes for an increase in cigarette consumption to pay for children’s “health care for the children.”  Makes a lot of sense, right?   So, don’t quit smoking, those taxes are needed to pay for the health care for children.   The unintended consequences will be a reduction in cigarette consumption and then another tax will be needed to take up the slack, which will be another happy day for the politicians.


That’s as I see It.


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