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Is it Universal health Care? Or poor health care.

What is it that the politicians think that the average American wants regarding their health care?   Is it the kind of care that they have heard about in Canada’ system?   Is it the kind of free care in Cuba that Michael Moore promotes in his sicko movie?   What is it that is so wrong with our current system?   Ask anyone in the system and the answer most likely be the restrictive Federal regulations.   To politicians this means that the system must be fixed, and new regulations will fix the old regulations.

A Canadian couple was due to give birth to a set of quadruplets, but the Canadian hospitals did not have the facilities to handle 4 neonatal intensive care babies.  So, they came into Montana where they could give birth to their 4, in an American hospital in a town 1/10 the size of Calgary, their home.   The Canadian government run Universal health care system fails, and in spite of our over regulation, somehow Americans find a way to help out this Canadian couple.   And for a double gift to this Canadian family, their new born’s are now American citizens.

“As Don Surber points out, the United States functions as Canada’s back-up medical system, enabling it to run with less investment in facilities. America’s evil, heartless private medical care system saved the day.”  

“America spends significantly more on medical care than Canada. Socialized medicine advocates frequently claim that this shows we are getting a bad deal: less care for more money. But the fact is that illegal alien mothers walk into hospital emergency rooms and give birth to babies requiring intensive neonatal care costing hundreds of thousands of dollars on a regular basis, and it makes no headlines. We do not send them over the border to Canada or Mexico and use their medical systems as a back-up, even when the mother might be a citizen of that country. We treat them, and pick-up the bill, too, without so much as a citizenship check or a call to immigration officials.”  American Thinker.

Democrats want to change all of this.  Hillary wants to change all of this.  Hillary failed once, but she is going to try again, and again the same story, it’s all for the “children.”   It’s always for the “children.”    Who could possibly be against making sure that the youth of our country are not properly taken care of, and have readily available health care at affordable prices?   Who?  

Hillary Rodham Clinton will be able to find and parade across the media personal tragedies of children who missed out on proper health care under our present system.  it will be heartbreaking stories touching our emotions, and Universal Health Care will be pushed as the answer.


America will not learn any lessons from the downfall of Rome, as our leaders consider themselves far superior in wisdom than those barbarians back then.


As I see it.



  1. The United States Health care system is broken and there is no easy fix because it remains a political issue instead of a humanitarian one. The health care system, like the military industrial complex of the cold war, is predicated on corporate profits and not the well being of the patient. The CEO’s of the large HMO’s and pharmaceutical companies have the same agenda as any other corporate leader. Raise their company’s stock price or lose their job which pays their obscene salary and bonus. Health care corporation’s focus is financial and they are not concerned with access to care or the quality of care their patients receive.

    These same companies will push for tort reform because it limits their liability in medical malpractice lawsuits. They want to limit patient access, reduce their costs and not have any responsibility. The trial lawyers will not tolerate these unconstitutional limits and are fed by the victim’s misfortune. We have all heard the advertisements asking, “Has anything bad ever happened to you. Someone else should pay. Call us now. Time is running out.” How would they survive if they could only make a few hundred dollars an hour? (Assuming, of course, that they are not double billing). However, without these legal wolves patrolling the health care system even doctors would be in at risk to corporate domination.

    Where does this leave the doctor? Right next to the patient in the over-crowded emergency room wondering how things have gotten so out of control.

    Posted by Dr. Michael Esposito M.D.
    Radiologist and Author of “Locked In,” a new medical thriller.

  2. Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards proposed raising taxes to support a universal health care plan. “The bottom line is we’re asking everybody to share in the responsibility of making health care work in this country,” said Edwards on NBC’s “Meet the Press”. “Yes, we’ll have to raise taxes…there has to be a revenue source,” Edwards patiently explained.

    I am still waiting for John Edwards to patiently explain to me why I should be part of that revenue source who is on the hook to take care of my 380 pound, chain smoking neighbor who is just begging for a heart attack. Edward’s hare-brained proposal is just another socialist failure waiting to happen. One does not have to dig too deeply into the details of John Edward’s proposal to boil its philosophy down to pure socialism; something that has yet to work anywhere it has been implemented, at any point in human history. And don’t forget that Hillary Clinton (D-NY) has a similar proposal already floating around, with a few less details to explain it. I can hardly wait to hear all about the technical details of how hers will make us all healthier.

    “From those according to their ability, to those according to their need:” where have we heard these haunting words before? While Socialism, under the strict interpretation of one of its early advocates Karl Marx, sounds just great on paper as a morally superior concept, it just doesn’t stand up to any success in practice. John Edwards comes across as a truly caring politician, promising that each and every man, woman and child in the U.S. will not be turned away at the hospital emergency room in their moment of need. We will all have health care given to us as a right. It does sound caring, compassionate, and simply the right thing to do.

    Except for one, teensy little problem, and one that Karl Marx could not quite figure out: once you provide something to a large group of people who do not pay for it directly, the demand for whatever you have provided “free” goes through the roof (a derivative of what most economists would call “the free rider” problem). The top 25% income earners in the U.S. pay the lion’s share of all taxes, and accordingly they will pay the lion’s share of this proposal’s cost as well. That leaves the remaining 75% of the U.S. population with a perception that their universal health care is either provided at low or no cost to them.

    And the resulting mass shortages, strict rationing and flat out refusal to provide these “free” goodies is simply the only way a socialist system can cope with doling out freebies that are indignantly demanded by the mobs lining up outside the door. Slothful and morally bankrupt individuals in all societies (ask any Canadian how things are working out for them up there in the health care business) will seek to cherry pick the benefits of each and every free program they can, while they bear virtually no costs of any of these programs whatsoever. The rest of us shoulder the costs. And in the long run, those few who eventually end up pulling the wagon full of free-riders simply let go of the rope. Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”, which arguably takes the prize as the most pedantic and poorly written books over the last two centuries, nevertheless saw this pragmatic reaction to socialism many, many years ago, and her epic novel is as vividly true today as it was in 1957 when she penned this work.

    John Edwards, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and on and on….the full list of like-minded Socialists who believe that socializing 1/7th of the U.S. economy should be given at least one more chance can be obtained at your local office of the Democrat Party.

  3. Dr. Steech

    Hey right on man, I could not have said it better. The bottom line being, government hand outs are not the answer to anything. We’ve got to get back to a “new and improved” educational system in this country, that will stress personal responsibility, accountability and the boundless opportunities available to anyone who will apply their God given talent in a courageous and diligent manner.

    The government controlled educational system now available is in itself corrupt and so intent on the non-offensiveness training, that our kids are getting robbed before they even have something worth taking. Entitlement education is the norm. victimhood is encouraged.

    The medical industry is on the verge of becoming a real mess, but the educational system is already a mess, and more government interference will not correct it. Back to the basics.

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