Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | August 18, 2007

Environmentalists. DDT, Asbestos, Flood Gates and Hot air.

So, you thought the flood in New Orleans was caused by Katrina, but no so.  In 1965, the corps of engineer proposed that the flood gates on that lake of theirs should be built as the Netherlands had done to protect the area against the storms of the North Sea.  Environmentalists and a judge blocked the idea.   Got to protect the “wetlands.”

The mosquitoes are eating us alive, the west Nile virus is confirmed in the US and millions have died in Africa, not of aids but of malaria.   All because of “Silent Spring,” the book by Rachel Carson.  The lady behind the environmental movement. Shortly after her 1962 popular book, the clean water act, the endangered species act, wilderness preservation and the EPA were born. Environmentalist then banned the most effective insecticide ever invented, DDT.   Since then, DDT has been proven to be unlikely to be harmful to humans.  But the ban continues anyway.

The World Trade Center builders were to use AsbestoSpray, a flame retardant that adhered to steel, but environmentalists insisted on an inferior substitute as the Asbestos scare at the time was just beginning to gain strength.  Could lives had been saved had the original design been followed?   That we’ll never know for sure, but it sure raises questions and doubts about the purposes of environmentalists.  The actual needs of humans are of lower priority over the purported needs of fish, birds, bugs, polar bears, and dead fallen rotting trees adding fuel to fires.   

Your car is now mandated to be lighter in weight to meet the CAFE fuel economy standards, so that now more and more people are seriously hurt in wrecks because the cars are smaller and lighter.   It’s been reported that 46,000 people have lost their lives to crashes in these CAFE standard cars, whereas the bigger and heavier vehicles would have protected them more effectively.   How many of those have been children?

And now the latest environmentalist scare mongering is about the theory of global warming or climate change as they would rather call it.  The hot air is getting hotter.  Green house gases hovering over our cities bringing on ozone alert days and it’s all caused by humans, the dreaded industrial revolution and the invention of the internal combustion engine.   The UN IPCC report and those thousands of scientists believe the computer model, which is “likely” to be flawed.  I purposely used the word “likely” because this is the best word these scientists could come up with to substantiate their claims that mankind’s pollution is the cause of temperature changes.  “Likely” and “very likely.”  It’s not proof without a shadow of a doubt, like absolutely, this is what will happen, but it likely may happen.  What percentage is that “likely?”   Likely 55 %, but not likely 95%.  Well, my friends, it is “Very Likely” that all of this scare mongering is nothing but bunk, a scam, a scheme to get your monies into the pockets of the carbon offset traders.

And now, James Hansen, the famed NASA climatologist, has corrected the temperature data in the US.  1934 was the hottest year on record, rather than 1998 as reported in previous reports and the data as used in the computer modeling program.  Hmmm?   Does that raise any eyebrows?   

It’s all hot air.   A theory is a theory is a theory, or as Walter Williams calls the environmentalists: “deadly.”   And his is where I got the inspiration for this post.  Here is one of his articles called “Straight Thinking 101,” and it’s not full of hot air.

“A related term that doesn’t make much economic sense is the term “need.” The implication of an absolute, crying, dying or urgent need is that one cannot do without the need in question. Students sometimes say they absolutely need a car or a cell phone. At that point I ask them, how in the world was it that Gen. George Washington could defeat Britain, the mightiest nation on earth, without a cell phone or a car?”


We don’t “need” theories, we want truth, while the needs of humans are considered as far superior to the “likely” needs of the planet.   The world could use a bit of the sensible straight thinking about global warming, and not the hot air kind of unwarranted hysteria. 



And that is as I see it.


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