Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | August 19, 2007

Naked Photo op to save the planet. It’s called Art.

This is too much. Photographer Spencer Tunick is one of those “artists” on a mission of viewing lots of naked people together in front of landmarks, town squares, and now he is using global warming as an excuse to view naked bodies. Sick. But he’s getting rich. Making a name for himself. And, oddly enough, he does not lack willing subjects.

But, it’s all for a good cause. Greenpeace commissioned the “artist” to photograph hundreds of naked bodies in front of a glacier in Switzerland, to highlight the effects global warming is having on the planet. In May he took pictures of hundreds of naked bodies in the capital city of Mexico. Last August, he found 800 willing subjects to take their clothes off in a museum in Germany. In March of 2006, he found 1500 willing subjects to disrobe for photo ops in Venezuela.

“I want my images to go more than skin-deep. I want the viewers to feel the vulnerability of their existence and how it relates closely to the sensitivity of the world’s glaciers,” Tunick said.

What a bunch of bull.

Why is he having to go to foreign nations to take his pictures? Why not right down the middle of wall street? Surely the Hollywood crowd would be willing and cooperative to disrobe in front of the ‘Hollywood’ sign in Beverly Hills. How about Wrigley field in Chicago, those friendly confines?

Could it be that the US is the one country on the planet that still holds to some degree of public decency. But, I wonder just how long it will last before he does get thousands to line up down the middle of wall street. Willing subjects would be easily found in New York also. The secular progressive humanist atheists have no problems with public nudity. It’s only the backward Christians and Jews that might object. And the Muslims.

Do you think that all of those thousands of naked people were there just because they wanted to expose the evil effects that man’s industrial revolution has had on the very fragile environment? Man’s pollution of the planet is an evil act, but photographing thousands of naked bodies together is art. What a twisted world it has become. How easy it is to fool people into believing foolishness.
Hey, Mr. Tunick. Try to get permission in a Muslim country. Sure thing, encourage the women remove the burkas in front of men they are not related to.


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