Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | August 21, 2007

Elvira Arellano is gone, but…

Elivra is the “illegal” immigrant from Mexico, originally moving to Washington state in 1997, she was deported once, and decides to come back into the US illegally again while with child, taking up residence in Chicago where she gets a job cleaning airplanes at O’Hare. For most of us law abiding citizens, illegally means to us that the immigration laws of the country was broken. For all of us legal citizens we have to show a valid social security number and proper identification to gain employment.  She decides to have a child, who by being born in this country makes the kid a citizen, but she herself is a criminal (law breaker), but the child is innocent, but she is still not a legal resident.   She decides she can hold up in a sanctuary church in Chicago and decides to stay as a fugitive in the church for a year to avoid being arrested again. While in the church she becomes a symbol of the struggle of most illegal immigrants in the country, those that have “anchor” babies while being illegally here, and those that are just here illegally. The struggle they claim to be going through is gaining legal status while being illegal, and feeling like they are being hunted, which they are.   Their decisions. No one forced them to illegally cross our border.   They knew at the time they were breaking laws.

Last week she decides to leave the safety net of the church and fly to LA to attend an immigration rally, where she is arrested again and deported immediately. Her son is now in the care of a friend who was made the legal guardian, and it was her decision to appoint a legal guardian while living in Chicago. She knew she had broken our laws and was protecting her son if she ever did get deported.

It was all her decisions knowing that she was breaking our laws. Now we are supposed to feel sorry for her dilemma. Now the US is supposed to forgive her law breaking. Now we are the racists for throwing her out of the country. Now. Now. Now we are to blame for deporting her.

“From the time I took sanctuary the possibility has existed that they arrest me in the place and time they want,” she said in Spanish. “I only have two choices. I either go to my country, Mexico, or stay and keep fighting. I decided to stay and fight.”

In the above statement she still thinks of Mexico as her country. But she decided to stay in a foreign country and fight to change the laws of this foreign land that she would rather not be in, as Mexico is still considered home. So our immigration and customs enforcement (ICE) people arrest and deport her back to Mexico.

Sounds like she ought to be happy being returned to her own country, at our expense. Her decisions from the get go.

So what’s all the fuss about?

Oh, in this age of victimhoodness, she is considered a victim of our “inhumane” “racist” barbaric laws. Well, to all of you illegal immigrants, America, unlike Mexico, is a constitutional republic. That means that we have a constitution that all of our elected officials pledge to uphold, a congress who writes the laws, a President who signs the laws into force, a judicial system which oversees the courts and ultimately interprets those laws against the constitution. Our various and numerous agencies are charged with enforcing the laws written by congress and signed by the President. So, if you want our laws changed, then there is method to do that. Follow those methods. They cannot be changed willy nilly by protest and/or by breaking laws to highlight their inhumane nature.

Wait your turn to immigrate into the US.   Fight to change the nature of your own country.   Having been returned to Mexico, Elvira can now “fight” to change the economic conditions of home country so that millions of her own will want to stay there,  in their own country.  You already know the language making it easier to understand the laws.

American will change it’s laws when it gets the mind to change those laws, so dag gone it, stay home in your country and get in line like everyone else.

But,she will be back.  LaRaza will hold rallies.   The church in Chicago will find another hostage.   Political activists will hold rallies.   Our feds will continue to lackadaisically enforce the laws.    More civil rights groups will hold rallies.   The anchor baby amendment will not be changed.   Illegal Immigration will continue to be a hot issue.   Current immigration laws will not be changed for some time now.   Politicians will continue pandering to these groups to get their votes while promising everything, but doing nothing.   And more Elviras will continue to make decisions that will turn their life upside down, and then blame us for it.    It’s a little bit confusing.

Just as I see it.



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