Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | August 21, 2007

The US is to blame for Global Warming.

Sure thing. Yes, it is true that the internal combustion engine was invented right here in the US, and is now considered the biggest threat to humanity. America also had developed nuclear power, and gee, it was also the US that had used a nuclear bomb. The US is also one great nation that did not ratify and get on the bandwagon of the Kyoto protocol. America developed the automobile, and it was one of our citizens that decided to put on wings and fly through the air. Evil Americans.

Was it not also America that developed the polio vaccine. pesticides to kill insects that harm people and new technologies in medicines to help heal people of bumps and broken bones and many of the internal malfunctions that humans experience. America and it’s citizens gave the world the telephone, radios, television, and it was Bill Gates that had a bit to do with spreading the computer throughout the world.   Evil Americans. Al Gore, the father of global warming, also invented the Internet, right?

And all of these advancements were spread to the entire world. Does America show up with thousands of volunteers and donated supplies to help foreign countries and their citizens after a tsunami and other such natural calamities? Acts of kindness goes punished.

But, what a bunch of evil people we are for not signing the Kyoto Protocol, or allowing developing nations like India, and Iran and others to have tons of uranium to develop nuclear power and possibly weapons. Gee whiz folks, our own environmentalists hinder America from developing and building more nuclear power plants to satisfy our own power needs. Windmills off the coast is restricted because it’s considered in someone’s backyard.

And yet, India is now saying it’s our fault that global warming is harming developing nations because the US did not sign onto the Kyoto Protocol.

“Addressing a seminar on global warming organised by Bengal National Chamber of Commerce, Mr Bhattacharjee said: “It is strange that the Americans who are responsible for global warming are now advising us on how to improve environment. Way back in 1992, it was decided by the nations of the world to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions by 50%. And it is the US in particular, who have violated the Kyoto Protocol.” “The global warming created by the US and other European nations have led to water scarcity and tropical diseases the world over,” said a visibly agitated Mr Bhattacharjee.” Here is the link. Short and sweet.

Everything the global warming crowd advocates against would return the world to the middle ages. But only for the citizen majority, as the elite powerful ruling classes would still have all of the aforementioned conveniences to enjoy. The rest of us, well, are evil for wanting it too.

And that is the long and short of As I See It.


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