Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | October 26, 2007

CNN, and now the Today Show . . .to the Ends of the Earth.

Yes, the Today Show celebrities are going to the ends of the earth to report their own take of the coming catastrophe of global warming.

“Matt Lauer, Ann Curry and Al Roker will report on climate change from Greenland, Antarctica and Ecuador starting Nov. 5.” Video link.

Time for ABC and CBS to get into action. Easter Island would be a good camping ground for all of them.

When will all of this craziness stop? When it rains, it’s global warming, when it’s a drought, when it snows, when it does not snow, hurricanes and tornadoes too, are all caused by global warming. If the wind blows it’s fueled by global warming. If the wind is still, it’s because of the ozone layer. If the sun is shinning and it’s hot, it’s the hole in the ozone. If it’s cloudy, it’s because of the greenhouse gases. Earthquakes and tsunamis too. And when a volcano erupts, it’s because the earth got real hot from global warming. I just sneezed a few minutes ago, and I learned that allergies are up because of global warming. “Pants on fire. Pants on fire.”

For once I’d like to hear about a celebrity going on a binge. Naw, forget that one too, as that’s all too common.

The Red Sox humiliated the Rockies last night 13-1. Ok Rockies, your turn tonight to get that fire you had burning again for those games in the mile high stadium. The Cubs could have done better. The good news is that there were 16.9 million viewers watching the ball game that could have been watching CNN and the earth in peril.

As I See It.


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