About Me.

Retired. Now expressing my rants and raves about those current events driving me up the wall. A misplaced Chicago-lander living in a the very red State of Oklahoma, but still manage to be a Cubs fan, along with playing at golf, which I can manage most of the year. Very conservative, and I know why. Very Christian, and I know why. Very interesting times for America. Every day brings us a new why it is so interesting, and frustrating for the armchair blogger. It is only As I see It Now.

On some of my entires, you just might get an update about the Cubs as I just wouldn’t stop myself from being a fan.

It is very interesting times for America. Unstable. Uncertain.



  1. I share your feelings. I would add that this guy has anti Christ credentials. Between him and Senitor Clinton, it’s gonna be a hard choice as to who would make the worse president!

  2. I am the publisher of freshare.net, a new citizen journalism site for the Ozarks. As part of our site, we launched a Google powered custom search engine exclusively for Ozarks blogs and citizen journalism related sites.

    Just wanted to let you know that we have included “As I See It” in the search results. You can give the engine a test drive at our home page (www.freshare.net ).

  3. Have a nice day !

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