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Elvira Arellano is gone, but…

Elivra is the “illegal” immigrant from Mexico, originally moving to Washington state in 1997, she was deported once, and decides to come back into the US illegally again while with child, taking up residence in Chicago where she gets a job cleaning airplanes at O’Hare. For most of us law abiding citizens, illegally means to us that the immigration laws of the country was broken. For all of us legal citizens we have to show a valid social security number and proper identification to gain employment.  She decides to have a child, who by being born in this country makes the kid a citizen, but she herself is a criminal (law breaker), but the child is innocent, but she is still not a legal resident.   She decides she can hold up in a sanctuary church in Chicago and decides to stay as a fugitive in the church for a year to avoid being arrested again. While in the church she becomes a symbol of the struggle of most illegal immigrants in the country, those that have “anchor” babies while being illegally here, and those that are just here illegally. The struggle they claim to be going through is gaining legal status while being illegal, and feeling like they are being hunted, which they are.   Their decisions. No one forced them to illegally cross our border.   They knew at the time they were breaking laws.

Last week she decides to leave the safety net of the church and fly to LA to attend an immigration rally, where she is arrested again and deported immediately. Her son is now in the care of a friend who was made the legal guardian, and it was her decision to appoint a legal guardian while living in Chicago. She knew she had broken our laws and was protecting her son if she ever did get deported.

It was all her decisions knowing that she was breaking our laws. Now we are supposed to feel sorry for her dilemma. Now the US is supposed to forgive her law breaking. Now we are the racists for throwing her out of the country. Now. Now. Now we are to blame for deporting her.

“From the time I took sanctuary the possibility has existed that they arrest me in the place and time they want,” she said in Spanish. “I only have two choices. I either go to my country, Mexico, or stay and keep fighting. I decided to stay and fight.”

In the above statement she still thinks of Mexico as her country. But she decided to stay in a foreign country and fight to change the laws of this foreign land that she would rather not be in, as Mexico is still considered home. So our immigration and customs enforcement (ICE) people arrest and deport her back to Mexico.

Sounds like she ought to be happy being returned to her own country, at our expense. Her decisions from the get go.

So what’s all the fuss about?

Oh, in this age of victimhoodness, she is considered a victim of our “inhumane” “racist” barbaric laws. Well, to all of you illegal immigrants, America, unlike Mexico, is a constitutional republic. That means that we have a constitution that all of our elected officials pledge to uphold, a congress who writes the laws, a President who signs the laws into force, a judicial system which oversees the courts and ultimately interprets those laws against the constitution. Our various and numerous agencies are charged with enforcing the laws written by congress and signed by the President. So, if you want our laws changed, then there is method to do that. Follow those methods. They cannot be changed willy nilly by protest and/or by breaking laws to highlight their inhumane nature.

Wait your turn to immigrate into the US.   Fight to change the nature of your own country.   Having been returned to Mexico, Elvira can now “fight” to change the economic conditions of home country so that millions of her own will want to stay there,  in their own country.  You already know the language making it easier to understand the laws.

American will change it’s laws when it gets the mind to change those laws, so dag gone it, stay home in your country and get in line like everyone else.

But,she will be back.  LaRaza will hold rallies.   The church in Chicago will find another hostage.   Political activists will hold rallies.   Our feds will continue to lackadaisically enforce the laws.    More civil rights groups will hold rallies.   The anchor baby amendment will not be changed.   Illegal Immigration will continue to be a hot issue.   Current immigration laws will not be changed for some time now.   Politicians will continue pandering to these groups to get their votes while promising everything, but doing nothing.   And more Elviras will continue to make decisions that will turn their life upside down, and then blame us for it.    It’s a little bit confusing.

Just as I see it.

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Naked Photo op to save the planet. It’s called Art.

This is too much. Photographer Spencer Tunick is one of those “artists” on a mission of viewing lots of naked people together in front of landmarks, town squares, and now he is using global warming as an excuse to view naked bodies. Sick. But he’s getting rich. Making a name for himself. And, oddly enough, he does not lack willing subjects.

But, it’s all for a good cause. Greenpeace commissioned the “artist” to photograph hundreds of naked bodies in front of a glacier in Switzerland, to highlight the effects global warming is having on the planet. In May he took pictures of hundreds of naked bodies in the capital city of Mexico. Last August, he found 800 willing subjects to take their clothes off in a museum in Germany. In March of 2006, he found 1500 willing subjects to disrobe for photo ops in Venezuela.

“I want my images to go more than skin-deep. I want the viewers to feel the vulnerability of their existence and how it relates closely to the sensitivity of the world’s glaciers,” Tunick said.

What a bunch of bull.

Why is he having to go to foreign nations to take his pictures? Why not right down the middle of wall street? Surely the Hollywood crowd would be willing and cooperative to disrobe in front of the ‘Hollywood’ sign in Beverly Hills. How about Wrigley field in Chicago, those friendly confines?

Could it be that the US is the one country on the planet that still holds to some degree of public decency. But, I wonder just how long it will last before he does get thousands to line up down the middle of wall street. Willing subjects would be easily found in New York also. The secular progressive humanist atheists have no problems with public nudity. It’s only the backward Christians and Jews that might object. And the Muslims.

Do you think that all of those thousands of naked people were there just because they wanted to expose the evil effects that man’s industrial revolution has had on the very fragile environment? Man’s pollution of the planet is an evil act, but photographing thousands of naked bodies together is art. What a twisted world it has become. How easy it is to fool people into believing foolishness.
Hey, Mr. Tunick. Try to get permission in a Muslim country. Sure thing, encourage the women remove the burkas in front of men they are not related to.

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The mortgage meltdowns. personal debt, and government debt.

The subprime mortgage mess of late has provided the democratic contenders, and republicans too, something to speak out about, expressing their opinions and solutions.   They see the problem lying at the feet of the broker.   A politician readily sees an opportunity to legislate and regulate when it comes along.

Sen. Barack Obama has introduced legislation targeting fraud and predatory lending. John Edwards, the former senator from North Carolina, has said he wants to ban certain fees, establish uniform broker licensing standards and start a national database for disciplinary infractions. Last week, Sen. Hillary Clinton came out with a plan to address lending abuses. One of its main policy planks was to “crack down on unscrupulous brokers.”

“The entire mortgage system needs to be examined from stem to stern,” the NAMB said in a statement, “from the home shopping phase, bankers, brokers, and lenders, all the way to Wall Street and the rating agencies.”

But can you blame the broker for wanting to increase his earnings, to take advantage of a flexible market, to offer to cash strapped consumers the opportunity to buy a home in the upbeat market.   Can you?   Can you blame the wannabe homeowner for desiring to move into that nice new home in the nice neighborhood, even though it could put the homeowner a bit over his/her head, as the economic conditions have been great for some time now, so the risk is considered relatively low?   Good job.  Good economic conditions.  Great opportunities.  It will not end.

Hey, I’m just an average American with limited understanding of the deeper economic implications this meltdown has caused, the why’s and the wherefores, so bear with me, as I try to shed light on a pattern that perhaps has been the model that American citizens have followed.   It’s as I see it now.

A Washington Post column back in 2004 estimated the consumer debt at just over $2 trillion, and this figure excludes real estate loans. “It’s a huge problem,” warns Howard S. Dvorkin, president and founder of Consolidated Credit Counseling Services Inc., a nonprofit debt-management organization. “You cannot be the wealthiest country in the world and have all your countrymen be up to their neck in debt.”

There is no doubt about it, on the whole Americans are spending more than they take in. but that’s really not a new thing.

There is also no doubt about the fact that Congress is spending more than it takes in. And that is not a new thing either.

“According to , the national debt is now a staggering $8.9 trillion. In fiscal year 2006, the federal government spent a whopping $406 billion of taxpayer dollars on interest payments to the holders of the national debt.”

“President George W. Bush noted that the $22 billion difference between the spending proposed by the White House and by Congressional Democrats is not, as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi maintains, a “very small difference.” Nathan Tabor column, “Tax Funded Spendaholics”.

Congress thinks that 22 billion is a small difference, it’s just pocket change. Consumers think another $__________ (fill in your own figure) in debt is just a small difference, more than just pocket change. We are supposed to look to Washington as our leaders and they have lead the country into a huge near 9 trillion dollar debt. They are operating off of other peoples money, ours the taxpayers money, and the politicians have the ability to confiscate more of it just by their agreeing together. Washington will also pay back this debt with our money. What a sweet deal that is.

As consumers we are operating off our money and our ability to earn it.   Consumers will have to pay back their debt out of their own pockets and their ability to earn enough to pay it back and to pay the current bills all at the same time.   So far, there are no hand outs from Washington to pay off individual consumer debt.   So far.

Our leaders, by their reckless spending practices of monies that is not theirs, have been rather poor examples to the consumers that they represent.   And then the politicians want to impose additional regulations and taxes upon citizens for the  actions of Congress,  which have been irresponsibly for the purpose of achieving a short term next election goal of more votes.   Consumers think that is would be OK to spend above and beyond their means to achieve a short term goal of more things.   In this age of consumerism, it is rather easy to see the “need” to spend above and beyond our means.   It is also much easier for congress to see a “need” to spend above and beyond their means.

But, what kind of leadership is this?

As I see It.

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Environmentalists. DDT, Asbestos, Flood Gates and Hot air.

So, you thought the flood in New Orleans was caused by Katrina, but no so.  In 1965, the corps of engineer proposed that the flood gates on that lake of theirs should be built as the Netherlands had done to protect the area against the storms of the North Sea.  Environmentalists and a judge blocked the idea.   Got to protect the “wetlands.”

The mosquitoes are eating us alive, the west Nile virus is confirmed in the US and millions have died in Africa, not of aids but of malaria.   All because of “Silent Spring,” the book by Rachel Carson.  The lady behind the environmental movement. Shortly after her 1962 popular book, the clean water act, the endangered species act, wilderness preservation and the EPA were born. Environmentalist then banned the most effective insecticide ever invented, DDT.   Since then, DDT has been proven to be unlikely to be harmful to humans.  But the ban continues anyway.

The World Trade Center builders were to use AsbestoSpray, a flame retardant that adhered to steel, but environmentalists insisted on an inferior substitute as the Asbestos scare at the time was just beginning to gain strength.  Could lives had been saved had the original design been followed?   That we’ll never know for sure, but it sure raises questions and doubts about the purposes of environmentalists.  The actual needs of humans are of lower priority over the purported needs of fish, birds, bugs, polar bears, and dead fallen rotting trees adding fuel to fires.   

Your car is now mandated to be lighter in weight to meet the CAFE fuel economy standards, so that now more and more people are seriously hurt in wrecks because the cars are smaller and lighter.   It’s been reported that 46,000 people have lost their lives to crashes in these CAFE standard cars, whereas the bigger and heavier vehicles would have protected them more effectively.   How many of those have been children?

And now the latest environmentalist scare mongering is about the theory of global warming or climate change as they would rather call it.  The hot air is getting hotter.  Green house gases hovering over our cities bringing on ozone alert days and it’s all caused by humans, the dreaded industrial revolution and the invention of the internal combustion engine.   The UN IPCC report and those thousands of scientists believe the computer model, which is “likely” to be flawed.  I purposely used the word “likely” because this is the best word these scientists could come up with to substantiate their claims that mankind’s pollution is the cause of temperature changes.  “Likely” and “very likely.”  It’s not proof without a shadow of a doubt, like absolutely, this is what will happen, but it likely may happen.  What percentage is that “likely?”   Likely 55 %, but not likely 95%.  Well, my friends, it is “Very Likely” that all of this scare mongering is nothing but bunk, a scam, a scheme to get your monies into the pockets of the carbon offset traders.

And now, James Hansen, the famed NASA climatologist, has corrected the temperature data in the US.  1934 was the hottest year on record, rather than 1998 as reported in previous reports and the data as used in the computer modeling program.  Hmmm?   Does that raise any eyebrows?   

It’s all hot air.   A theory is a theory is a theory, or as Walter Williams calls the environmentalists: “deadly.”   And his is where I got the inspiration for this post.  Here is one of his articles called “Straight Thinking 101,” and it’s not full of hot air.

“A related term that doesn’t make much economic sense is the term “need.” The implication of an absolute, crying, dying or urgent need is that one cannot do without the need in question. Students sometimes say they absolutely need a car or a cell phone. At that point I ask them, how in the world was it that Gen. George Washington could defeat Britain, the mightiest nation on earth, without a cell phone or a car?”


We don’t “need” theories, we want truth, while the needs of humans are considered as far superior to the “likely” needs of the planet.   The world could use a bit of the sensible straight thinking about global warming, and not the hot air kind of unwarranted hysteria. 



And that is as I see it.

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North American Union. Conspiracy hysteria or?

There may be more to this than we’d like to think. Twenty-two members of Congress are now getting involved as they have sent a letter to President Bush as a warning to “back off” the agreement of 2005 between Canada, Mexico and the US that created the SPP.

“As you travel to Montebello, Canada later this month for a summit with your Canadian and Mexican counterparts, we want you to be aware of serious and growing concerns in the U.S. Congress about the so-called Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) you launched with these nations in 2005.” WND The list of the 22 reps are on the bottom of the WND article.

In another article.

“Radio sensing stations to track traffic and cargo up and down the I-35 NAFTA Superhighway corridor are being installed by Communist China, operating through a port operator subsidiary of Hutchison Whampoa, in conjunction with Lockheed Martin and the North America’s SuperCorridor Coalition, Inc.” Jerome Corsi.

And you may have heard about the Amero, the currency part of the NAU. But, so far, it’s all a bit to do about nothing, or is it? A coin dealer is designing an Amero coin that he is marketing to other coin dealers and collectors. Link to article here.

The man behind all of the uncovering of the information pertaining to the SPP and the push for stronger ties between Canada, the US and Mexico is Jerome Corsi, the author of the best seller: “The Late Great USA.” Jerome has done his homework, and is to appear on the Laura Ingraham show on Monday at 11:15am.

“Dr. Corsi has ‘connected the dots’ between the Security and Prosperity Partnership, the sale of toll roads and other infrastructure to foreign companies, and proposals for a North American Union with open borders between Mexico, the U.S., and Canada,” said Phyllis Schlafly, president of Eagle Forum. “‘The Late Great USA’ is an essential read for anyone concerned about the future independence and sovereignty of the United States.” WND

Just one of those Conspiracy theories, or is it inevitable? Is it just a sign of the times in a global economy? One does have to wonder why President Bush has been so weak on enforcing the immigration laws and was pushing hard on the Kennedy/McCain bill that was defeated by millions of concerned citizens calling and writing their representatives.

There have been so many conspiracy stuff of late and not so late that you wonder whether this may be the real one that just may catch us all looking the other way. When the UN was created, it was touted to be a global governing body and we as Americans would have to bow down to the decrees they put out. Well, it’s very close to being just exactly that.

The NAU in 20-30-50 years down the road. I don’t doubt it one bit that there are groups who are pushing for it right now and have the fortitude, the will, and the patience to take it step by step, just warming up the water bit by bit until the frog is cooked without realizing his own demise.

As I see It. How will my grandchildren see it?

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Petreaus or the Democrats. Who to believe?

Before the report is out, it is being questioned.  Before a word is written, it is being questioned.  What kind of a game is this when the offense takes the field and starts throwing and running with the ball, before the defense even has a chance to don their uniforms?  Well, it’s not a game, but it is being played as a game without umpires and/or rules. 

“Democrats are questioning the truthfulness of an upcoming report from Gen. David Petraeus on the progress of President Bush’s troop-surge strategy in Iraq.
“For a long time the Administration has hidden behind the name of General David Petraeus, saying the September report will be his. We all knew this would be the President’s report,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in a news release on Thursday.”

But, Nancy was being asked about the press reports put out by the WaPost and the LATimes who state that Petreaus will just be mimicking the white House in his report. 

“A column in Thursday’s Washington Post called the Petraeus report, due out Sept. 15, “a White House con job in the making.”
And the Los Angeles Times noted on Wednesday, “Despite Bush’s repeated statements that the report will reflect evaluations by Petraeus and Ryan Crocker, the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, administration officials said it would actually be written by the White House, with inputs from officials throughout the government.”   Susan Jones at CNSNews

And everyone wonders why the war in Iraq has gone so badly, or so the elite media say it has, and the democrats get on board to make political hay for their side.  The mainstream drive bys had their paid reporters in Iraq for a bit, now and then, to take pictures of the atrocities and record the comments of the discontents among the Iraqis, and they all ignore the writings of those independent journalists whose writings are not edited to comply with the politically correct version.  Americans have been fed just one side of the story, and as Paul Harvey says, there is another side, “the rest of the story.”   Read some of the works of Michael Yon for the other side.

Every 6th grader knows that if the bully is left to his own ways, he will take over the playground. 

Every high schooler knows that the game must be played by the rules and that those that break the rules must be penalized.   Even those who inadvertently break the rules must be penalized.  The high school student knows that fairness for all is the obedience to the rules by all.  The rules of engagement in Iraq has been one of continual rule breaking by our enemy.  Being the kind of civilized society that we are, and even though the other side does not follow rules, we are still committed to that purpose.  And still, in spite of the bully breaking the rules, ground is being gained and territories are being captured for the advancement of democracy in Iraq.

General Petraeus was sent to do a job, to access the effectiveness of the surge of troops.  And before his report is out, the democrats want to denigrate it as just some propaganda out of the white house.   It must be a Tony Snow job. 

So who can you believe?  The Democrats?   The mainstream press?   General Petraeus?   A 6th grader?


There is a new petition to be sent to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and a copy to the President that tells them to:

“Let the Generals do their Job.” 

“I am deeply concerned that members of Congress are acting like generals and military planners. U.S. generals believe a surge of troops into the combat zone is the best strategy to accomplish our goals in Iraq. The “surge” has only had a month to make a difference and it seems to be having an effect already. It is too early to judge the surge as a success or failure. Our troops need time to do their job. I urge you to let the generals do their job and resist the urge to use a bombing on the television as an excuse to call President Bush, General Patraeus, and our troops a failure.”  Sign the petition here.


A few million signatures would be a great statement.


It’s only as I see it.  How do you see it?

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Is it Universal health Care? Or poor health care.

What is it that the politicians think that the average American wants regarding their health care?   Is it the kind of care that they have heard about in Canada’ system?   Is it the kind of free care in Cuba that Michael Moore promotes in his sicko movie?   What is it that is so wrong with our current system?   Ask anyone in the system and the answer most likely be the restrictive Federal regulations.   To politicians this means that the system must be fixed, and new regulations will fix the old regulations.

A Canadian couple was due to give birth to a set of quadruplets, but the Canadian hospitals did not have the facilities to handle 4 neonatal intensive care babies.  So, they came into Montana where they could give birth to their 4, in an American hospital in a town 1/10 the size of Calgary, their home.   The Canadian government run Universal health care system fails, and in spite of our over regulation, somehow Americans find a way to help out this Canadian couple.   And for a double gift to this Canadian family, their new born’s are now American citizens.

“As Don Surber points out, the United States functions as Canada’s back-up medical system, enabling it to run with less investment in facilities. America’s evil, heartless private medical care system saved the day.”  

“America spends significantly more on medical care than Canada. Socialized medicine advocates frequently claim that this shows we are getting a bad deal: less care for more money. But the fact is that illegal alien mothers walk into hospital emergency rooms and give birth to babies requiring intensive neonatal care costing hundreds of thousands of dollars on a regular basis, and it makes no headlines. We do not send them over the border to Canada or Mexico and use their medical systems as a back-up, even when the mother might be a citizen of that country. We treat them, and pick-up the bill, too, without so much as a citizenship check or a call to immigration officials.”  American Thinker.

Democrats want to change all of this.  Hillary wants to change all of this.  Hillary failed once, but she is going to try again, and again the same story, it’s all for the “children.”   It’s always for the “children.”    Who could possibly be against making sure that the youth of our country are not properly taken care of, and have readily available health care at affordable prices?   Who?  

Hillary Rodham Clinton will be able to find and parade across the media personal tragedies of children who missed out on proper health care under our present system.  it will be heartbreaking stories touching our emotions, and Universal Health Care will be pushed as the answer.


America will not learn any lessons from the downfall of Rome, as our leaders consider themselves far superior in wisdom than those barbarians back then.


As I see it.

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Feds interfering with feds on immigration.

The census bureau wants the immigration bureau to stop conducting raids so that the census can be taken.  Everybody must be counted you know, and how can we count them when they do not come out of the shadows, too scared that they may be deported. 

NewsMax article.

“The Constitution requires the Census Bureau to count everyone, including illegal immigrants, in the census. The once-a-decade population count is then used to apportion seats in Congress and to appropriate billions of dollars in federal spending each year.”  “The Census Bureau has a job to do,” said Vargas, who belongs to a committee that advises the bureau on the 2010 census. “They need to convince people that they need to report themselves to the federal government and that it’s going to remain confidential. That’s a hard sell.”

“Raids during the population count would make an already distrustful group even less likely to cooperate with government workers who are supposed to include them, the Census Bureau’s second-ranking official said in an Associated Press interview.”

Here is one agency, the census bureau that is only called upon once a decade to perform it’s active duties, and it gets a 85 to 90% performance rating, while another agency, the Immigration enforcement bureau is called upon every day and it apprehends only a much smaller percentage of their targeted performance.  The census bureau is fearless in asking another agency to suspend it’s operation so the census can be taken.  If the immigration service would be so bold as to ask the police and local officials to cooperate, then they also could get a higher result.  If the immigration service would insist on the cooperation of all other agencies and the states to obey the existing laws, then they would also get a higher apprehension rate.  If the immigration service would speak boldly out against the Mexican government and their consulates for supporting and encouraging the illegal influx of their citizens into our country, then the mess we are in right now would not be quite the mess that it is.   


It’s just some thoughts of as I see it.

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Feds Fighting illegal immigrants…a new uniform for the border patrol.

This ought to do it folks.  It’s all that was needed to fill in the gaps of the 14,000 agents patrolling the border so that less and less illegal aliens cross this border of ours.   Spend 7.5 million to upgrade the uniforms of the border patrol agents so that they look less like a police officer and more like a military person.  A little math equals $535 per agent.  A three year operation to decide on the design and get them to the agents.  AP report.

And you wonder why there are 12 plus million illegal aliens living in the country.  Here’s an idea, place cardboard cutouts designed to look like agents along the border. 

Am I nitpicking?

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SCHIP is what? and Why?

The State Children’s Health Insurance Program is up for renewal at the end of September, or it goes by the wayside.  There has been lots of talk from the liberals that this program must be expanded to cover more and more of our children.  The current congress desires to raise the qualifying income level (family of four) up to $82,600, double up from the 200% over the poverty level the old bill covered.    The program is all for the “children.”   Who could possibly be against our kids?   You must be some kind of a idiot on dope not to see the need to take care of the children of the country.

But you know that with everything there are consequences, and as always the unforeseen or unintended consequences is what comes backs and bites us all in the you know what.  It took 465 pages to write the bill.  Now, how many in congress are going to read the entire line by line bill to comprehend it all?   How many of our journalists have read the entire 465 pages so that they can intelligently report to us the real contents?   I have not read it.  Have you?  Do you know anyone who has?   The pdf version is available here.  It is 502 pages. 

Why do we have a government health care program to begin with?   The entitlement mentality that is consuming Americans is the reason why.  Well then, let me in on some of the action.   It would be nice if the feds would pay for my homeowners insurance, as just imagine what it inconvenience and extra expense it would do to me if the house caught fire and was destroyed.  A friend of mine had a unforeseen flood which caused considerable damage to his home and they were put up in a motel for about six months while the private insurance fought over the contractors repairs and the necessary code updates that had to be met.   Needless to say the mandated asbestos inspections caused even further delays.  A real nightmare causing considerable traumatic mental strain to this loving couple.  The insurance never pays everything.  A government program could have solved all their pain and anguish, right?   Many of the so classified poor own homes and somehow manage to decide what homeowners insurance they want and can afford, right?   Do the feds yet feel the need to pay these costs? 

It would also be nice if the feds would pay my required auto insurance premiums.  What a nightmare and real inconvenience it would be if my car or pick up would be totaled out in a wreck, or stolen, or a windshield damaged by a flying stone from our pot holed streets.  My vehicles are old ( 1996 and 2001) compared to what I see on the streets and I wonder how do they pay for their insurance for those brand new cars and Hummers, or SUV’s with GPS systems, much less the monthly payments.   The auto insurance is required by the state, and when stopped, as I was a few years ago for not wearing that dag gone seat belt while I was 1/2 mile from the house on a short errand, I then had to show proof of insurance to the officer.  It’s required to have just the basic liability coverage that does not cover any damage to my vehicle.  I’ve got an option of what coverage to pay for.  My choice and my consequences.  Are the poor required to have auto insurance?   Somehow they manage to pay for it.   Why don’t the politicians feel the need to pay these costs in order to protect families from tragedies as children often get hurt in those nasty care wrecks.

Health Care.  For some reason the politicians and the elite seem to think that Americans are too dumb to make a choice regarding their own health care, while everyday Americans are making choices over auto insurance and homeowner, or renters insurance.   I don’t get it.  Could it be because politicians see the issue as a vote getting scheme?

Hey, don’t leave me out of all those entitlements.  I protest. I want my auto insurance paid for.  I want my homeowners insurance paid for.  And while they are at it, add in Life insurance so that my kids will get a huge chunk when this body of mine quits ticking.  I got a right, don’t I?   It would all be for my grandchildren and their well being.  Who could possibly be against grandchildren cashing in on the grandparents life cut short with a government paid life insurance?

After all, the bill of rights says I have the “right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”   My life happiness and liberty would be better served perhaps if the government paid for all of these items so then I could afford to take that extended trip to Germany and Sweden I’ve desired, but can’t afford on my own.


Entitlements are a scam to get your vote and that’s all.  They could care less about you and your needs.

And take a guess on how this is to be funded.   An increase in the taxes on cigarettes.  The Center for disease control pushes for a reduction in cigarette consumption to “save the children”, while this bill pushes for an increase in cigarette consumption to pay for children’s “health care for the children.”  Makes a lot of sense, right?   So, don’t quit smoking, those taxes are needed to pay for the health care for children.   The unintended consequences will be a reduction in cigarette consumption and then another tax will be needed to take up the slack, which will be another happy day for the politicians.


That’s as I see It.

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