My Header

The header picture is my land of peace, my manageable backyard habitat. My wife and I love to sit on the deck and just watch the many birds frolicking about seeking food. Wrens, blue jays, robins, cardinals, mourning doves, woodpeckers, a few hummingbirds, and sparrows too. Black birds and an occasional hawk. Frisky and pesky squirrels, a rabbit now and then, and at night possibly a possum family will make a visit. The neighbors cats are not allowed.   This land is my land. Sweat and tears, and now, it’s pull a weed now and then.   I so enjoy to sit there in the early morning as the sun rises blessing the flowers, the fescue grass, the flowering shrubs, the vines and trees, the hostas, lilies and elephant ears, while I read and meditate on the wonders of God’s creation. I love it. It’s my peaceful place.

It is mine.



  1. i sent a donation to fight care….i sent it to 111 bdy nyc…..i kn that is where wor is because i was on the joey reynolds show with an ex partner donnie brasco………but where can i find your address to send a donation ?? tks you

  2. what is your mailing address

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