Posted by: As I See It by Arnie | September 5, 2007

Sen. Craig. Guilty of stupidity.

He is guilty of not having an attorney…..stupidity. As a Senator who has spoken out against homosexual agendas and proposed laws against those homosexual agendas, he should have known that he would be a target worthy of being taken down. If he is a closeted gay, he should have known better. He is also guilty of stupidity for thinking that by agreeing to a plea bargain, the thing would just go away. You’re a Senator, and a republican one at that, and you thought it would just go away. Stupid. He is also guilty of fidgeting, of tapping the foot, of not sitting on the stool like a good Kid in Sunday School. Nice and quiet and still.

But what has become of our legal system in this country? Arrested for Perceptions. You know, I am now aware of the details of the so-called “suspicious activity” in men’s bathrooms, and man, from now on I will never tap my foot while sitting there waiting a move of nature, whether anyone is in a stall on either side or not, and by golly, I will not spread the knees and legs out to be more comfortable either. No way. That suitcase bag with roller wheels on the bottom will be hung from that hook on the back of the door, and I don’t care if the hook breaks. Can’t put the thing on the floor and usually there is not enough space for it between the stall walls and the seat unless I want to sit half on and half off. My hands will always be above the bottom of that divider and I don’t care if the cuff of my pants are laying on a nasty wet floor. And there is no way that I will ever “fidget” (someone with Parkinson’s may be doomed). Looking through the crack of the door as my eyes roam to and fro looking for an empty stall is forbidden. Nope, not me.

That’s the kind of things the senator is being charged with as a misdemeanor, as “suspicious activity”, as “known signals” of homosexuals desiring a hit. I was ignorant, because I was not aware of these signals. That sure could have caused problems as I’m sure I have tapped my foot, and fidgeted in the past.

Senator Craig was not caught in the act. He was not caught soliciting by word or by deed (tapping a foot?) . What kind of society have we become where a person can be arrested for just suspicious activity for a non-violent act? And because of that arrest, your entire life can be ruined, completely devastated and thrown out in public for everyone to see the “suspicious activity.” Your wife and children will always have a “suspicion” in the back of their minds. It’s all perception, the same kind of language that is included in the “hate crimes” bill. Read the full actual report of his crime as filed.

The Va. Tech shooter had several years of “suspicious” activities, but he was never arrested. No sting operations out for his kind.

In this world, the media assumes one is guilty first, then asks questions. In this world the public assumes one is guilty first. Otherwise, the arrest would not have been made, right?

It is just craziness. “But for the Grace of God……”

And now the gay community is cheering as another closet is opened, and they have already changed their rest room codes, and it will take the police a few years to figure out the new “suspicious activity.” In the meantime, some innocent nobody’s may be arrested for “suspicious” activities.

And, lest we forget, Bill Clinton  and the oval desk affair was not considered a “suspicious” activity back then, as the gays had really not formulated their tactics nor had the police penetrated the bathroom codes, nor was Bill suspiciously “gay.”  Whether he tapped his foot during this time is not clear.


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